Bomb shelter to protect from Americans!

Oh, what cruel ironies life can serve. I woke up this morning to learn that the Russian aggressors have started bombing additional Ukrainian cities, including Dnipro (or Dnirpropetrovsk, as it was formerly known).

I shuddered and could not shake a thought of how despite malicious propaganda and bias informational barrage, life sometimes serves up cruel ironies and unequivocal empirical truths, which define the real state of affairs.

About 15 years ago, my team and I were working in Dnipro as contractors on the US Government’s feasibility study to rehabilitate the aging heat and powerplant located at the famous Yuzhmash facility. During the multiweek stay in Dnipro, we got to tour the once secret plant multiple times and on one particularly memorable visit, our guide explained how the workers’ locker rooms were built to double as bomb shelters against American bombs. The building essentially was constructed on giant springs and able to withstand a nuclear blast.

Well, since the fall of the Soviet Union, Americans have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to help Ukraine convert the Yuzhmash Soviet missile factory to civilian use, prop up Ukraine’s space program and created several international joint ventures, which use Yuzhmash’s rockets to lift international satellites into space. Russia has done largely the opposite.

The bombs and rockets, which the builders of the Yuzhmash facility were afraid of, came not from the US, but as a backstab from Russia. It pains me to think that the bomb shelters built to protect against the nation, which has done nothing but help, will now be used to protect Ukrainian people against a devastating betrayal by the “brotherly people”.

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