Broad Street Capital Group selects Lipman Law to provide due diligence support and General Counsel services.


(December 2, 2019, New York City, NY) In an effort to streamline its legal operations and to manage international due diligence and compliance processes for the $1.2 billion of financing transactions in its pipeline, Broad Street Capital Group announced today that it has retained Alex Lipman of Lipman law PLLC, to provide general counsel services. Alex Lipman has also joined Broad Street as an Advisory Board Member.

Most recently a partner at a major international law firm, Mr. Lipman has almost 30 years of experience both in private practice and government with focus on SEC enforcement matters, anti-corruption investigations, securities litigation, other regulatory and government matters, as well as corporate governance.

Alex’s government experience includes serving as a Special Assistant United States Attorney on the Securities and Commodities Fraud Task Force at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. In that position he prosecuted and tried cases involving accounting fraud, mail and wire fraud, and insider trading. Alex also served as a Branch Chief in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, where he conducted numerous high-profile investigations into securities law violations, including cases stemming from the collapse of Enron.

In private practice,  Alex has successfully represented numerous individuals and entities in high-profile white collar securities cases, including cross-border investigations and international prosecutions.

Mr. Lipman also has been a key driving force in developing a proprietary Grey2White® Due Diligence Program designed to identify and solve complex legacy due diligence issues, as well as to optimize multiparty compliance inquiries, which arise during international financing transactions.

“We are very excited to have Mr. Lipman and his Firm advise our team. As the Broad Street Capital Group is poised to enter its next phase of growth, having a seasoned, internationally renowned legal expert in our corner, will help the firm’s clients not only to successfully navigate through complexities of international financing and M&A transactions, but will also allow them to unlock the value of their companies by putting in place best practices in the areas of financial reporting, anti corruption and corporate governance.” said Alexander Gordin, Managing Director of the Broad Street Capital Group.

“I look forward to working with Mr. Gordin and the Broad Street team on ways to improve and streamline the way due diligence and compliance are managed during international financing and merger transactions involving companies in emerging markets. Rather than engaging in a reactive, expensive and cumbersome process, the Grey2White® program aims to provide deeper due diligence investigations than conventional KYC screenings in advance of potential transaction. This would provide greater transparency from the start, reduce costs and benefit all parties involved in the transaction.” said Alex Lipman

About the Broad Street Capital Group.

Based in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group ( is an international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as SMEs in emerging markets. Through its member companies, the Group focuses on developing project financing in the $100 million to $1 billion range, providing political risk mitigation, export management services and cross-border market development advisory. The Firm has done business in over 35 countries, spanning the emerging markets landscape from Bangladesh to Ukraine.

Currently, the Firm maintains presences in30broad eight countries and works closely with all trade and development agencies of the U.S. Government, as well as with Credit Agencies of several European and North American countries. Since its inception, Broad Street Capital Group has been involved in multiple high-profile cross-border transactions in agriculture IT/telecom, aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas,energy generation, food security, nuclear safety, hospitality and franchising sectors. The firm’s current advisory and financing portfolio is expected to exceed $1.25 billion by January 1st, 2020.


Lots of financing options, yet modest results

How to successfully develop and finance more quality projects in emerging markets?  (Part 1)


Last week, at a financing round-table organized by the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) – representatives from the IFC, EBRD, OPIC and US EXIM bank reaffirmed their commitment to financing projects and trade with Ukraine.  They also demonstrated a whole host of very effective financing and insurance tools, available for use in Ukraine and other emerging markets.

At the same event, these esteemed organizations mentioned multiple success stories and yet each only named half a dozen, or so, of the largest Ukrainian companies (a few were the same names repeated by several institutions).  They also addressed fairly effective wholesale funding arrangements with local banks to serve local small and midsize businesses (SMEs).

Yet, each of representatives has acknowledged a serious problem, which acutely manifests itself in Ukraine and in other emerging markets: lack of strong bankable projects in the $10-75 mil. range, a segment widely considered the main economic driver and job generator in emerging market countries such as Ukraine.Fi3E Badge

Also noted were lack well-developed and bankable public sector projects in segments such as healthcare.

Thus given widespread availability of interested project sponsors, along with multiple public financing tools and risk mitigation products, what can be done to bridge the gap and convert more deal concepts into real deals with realistic financing and true economic impact?


It is all about proper packaging.   Although the institutions are willing and able to lend,  they each have very specific goals and requirements.  Yet, the project sponsors/borrowers, oftentimes are not able to conform to those requirements, despite the fact that their financials and business plans are often sound.   (To Be Continued)

President of Kazakhstan visits pioneering Center of Tomotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, program managed by the Princeton Healthcare Alliance

(Astana, Kazakhstan)Yesterday, August 29th, President Nazarbayev of KazakhstaPHA Logon visited a newly opened Center of Tomography and Nuclear  Medicine at the National Research Hospital in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Hon. Bakhytzhan Sagintayev and the Minister of Health Hon. Elzhan Birtanov were also in attendance.

President Nazarbayev expressed his support for the outstanding effort by Dr. Abay Baigezhin, Director of the hospital and praised the Consulting Radiation Oncologist Dr. Daniel Fass, Chief Medical Officer of the Princeton Healthcare Alliance (PHA), for bringing this state-of- art technology to the people of Kazakhstan.  Dr Fass, who is internationally recognized as a pioneer in Radiation Therapy with over ten years of experience utilizing  Accuray’s Tomotherapy HI-HD equipment explained to the President the unique advantages of that system in treating many malignancies. “This is the first Tomotherapy installation in Central Asia. It is expected patients from throughout the region will be treated at the center.” said Dr. Fass

The clinic will begin treating patients in November and currently has staff training in the Madison, Wisconsin. Building on the success of this project the Clinic plans on expanding to other therapeutic modalities including immunotherapy and stem cell treatments harnessing the advances in precision medicine . Princeton Healthcare Alliance is dedicated to bringing US technology, expertise and financial solutions to improve the lives of citizens in emerging markets the world over.  Next week Dr. Fass, along with other members of the Princeton Healthcare Alliance, will travel to Tashkent, as part of the Trade Mission led by the Broad Street Capital Group ( to identify, structure and finance advanced healthcare solutions for the Republic of Uzbekistan

China buys into giant Kazakh oilfield for $5 billion


An aerial view shows artificial islands on Kashagan offshore oil field in the Caspian sea, western Kazakhstan, April 7, 2013. Picture taken April 7, 2013. REUTERS/Anatoly Ustinenko

By Mariya Gordeyeva, Reuters


(Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping struck a deal with Kazakhstan on Saturday that will give China a stake in the its giant Kashagan oil project, a highlight of his tour of Central Asia securing hydrocarbons for the world’s largest energy consumer.

The $5 billion deal further increases China’s rising clout in post-Soviet Central Asia, once Russia’s imperial backyard, and blocks an attempt by global rival India to get a stake in the oilfield, the world’s largest oil discovery in five decades.Kazakhstan-2_Page_1

“The two countries have agreed on China’s shareholding in the development of the Kashagan deposit,” Xi told a news briefing after talks with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. “The two governments hail and support this agreement.”

Oil and gas deals, including on building an oil refinery in Kazakhstan, are among 22 agreements reached during Xi’s visit and worth some $30 billion, Nazarbayev said.

Kazakhstan will sell 8.33 percent of the Kashagan offshore oilfield to China for about $5 billion in a deal to be signed later on Saturday, Kazakh government sources told Reuters.


Keys to ABCs – “Your Company’s Keys to American Business & Capital”

Emerging Markets Business: Keys To America™


Keys to ABC

“Your Company’s Keys to American Business & Capital

Master Class Tour Across 42 Emerging Markets Kicks Off The Emerging Markets US$5Billion Business  Challenge!

As part of  the EMERGING MARKETS BUSINESS: Keys To America™ initiative to help emerging market countries create $5 billion of tangible economic value over the next two years, Fluent In Foreign Business, along with the Princeton Council on World Affairs and RSL Media are pleased to announce “Keys to ABCs”  – a 42-country educational tour beginning November of 2012 and continuing through May of 2014.

This unique tour is the first step of the Business Challenge program and will feature a series of 2-day comprehensive master class workshops titled:

  • “Your Company’s Keys to American Business & Capital Markets”
  • “Entering North American Business Markets”
  • “Preparing Your Company for International Business”

 The sessions will be taught by me personally and a cadre of Fluent In Foreign Academy’s experienced instructors.   The unique workshops and comprehensive will provide qualified corporate participants in those countries with a unique opportunity to participate in the Emerging Markets:Unlocking America Challenge™, to diagnose their companies’ present “international business IQ” and to develop practical useable strategies to position their organizations for access to the International Financial and Strategic investments, Low-interest Loans, Technology Partners, World-renowned Franchisors and Lucrative Customers.


Kazakhstan: An Attractive Destination For American Business

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Learn why companies like GE are investing in Kazakhstan

April 9, 2012
In my twenty-five plus years of international experience in emerging markets, I have seen a number of countries on all continents transform themselves economically and achieve impressive results in infrastructure development, healthcare, and overall improvement of their standards of living. Kazakhstan stands out among these countries due to its government’s unwavering commitment not to simply exploit certain manufacturing or natural resource advantages for short-term enrichment, but for its comprehensive and sustainable effort to raise the education level of its younger generations, developing and expanding its science and technology sector, investing in development of healthcare, agriculture, and industrial production. Given the country’s abundant natural riches and strategic location between Russia and China, as well as a history of warm and friendly relations with the U.S., Kazakhstan represents a very attractive opportunity for American companies seeking to get involved in Kazakhstan either via investing, technology co-development, export and project management, and financing.

Between April 10th and April 12th, Kaznex Invest, Official Investment Promotion Agency of Kazakhstan, will hold several investment showcase events in New York, Washington, DC and Chicago titled Kazakhstan: An Attractive Destination For American Business.

I recently interviewed Mr. Kairat Karmanov, Deputy Chairman of Kaznex Invest to learn more about the upcoming road show and to discuss the investment and cooperation opportunities that Kaznex and other government agencies and companies were planning to showcase to American companies.

Kairat Karmanov is a Deputy Chairman of the National Export and Investment Agency Kaznex Invest, which is the “one-stop agency” in Kazakhstan for all foreign investors and exporters. Kaznex Invest is the government agency that works on providing free pre-investment and post-investment support for investors worldwide. The following are excerpts of my interview with Mr. Karmanov.

Please tell our readers the purpose of the upcoming three-city Investment Road Show in the United States?

Kazakhstan is one of the biggest countries in the world, blessed with the vast deposits of natural resources. Nowadays, the Kazakhstan government is shifting the priority from oil, gas, and metals exploration and production to the development of non-extracting industries.

This Road Show is the first event that is entirely devoted to the presentation of investment opportunities in priority business sectors in Kazakhstan. The Road Show will be dedicated to the six key sectors of the economy: agriculture, chemical, machinery, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and IT and telecommunications.

Also, the Road Show will feature a real-time exchange of information on investment projects, state programs and various state investment incentives such as import tax exemptions, state in-kind grants, and tax investment preferences. Companies interested in starting or expanding business operations in Kazakhstan will benefit greatly from an explanation of the application procedures for the various investment incentives.

Who is accompanying you on this trip? What is your delegation hoping to accomplish during the Road Show?

The Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan will head the Kazakhstan delegation that will also include several high-level officials and business leaders representing a wide range of Kazakh business sectors. Top-level executives of several national companies and development institutions from each priority business sector will be presenting their own industry and investment projects and opportunities.

We expect representatives of Kazakhstan to share with the American audience important information on how Kazakhstan’s mineral wealth and the Customs Union is creating new business opportunities across our country, and how newly-adopted State reforms are providing more incentives and support for foreign investors. We also hope that during this Road Show our Kazakhstan companies can find new American partners to start mutually beneficial collaborations.

Why should U.S. investors consider Kazakhstan over other rapidly growing emerging markets?

In 2010, the State Program of Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development for 2010-2014 was adopted. Their main objective is to create stable and balanced growth through economic diversification. In the context of this program, efforts are underway to create attractive conditions for investors, as we are ready to implement projects in high-priority sectors.

The Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, with a market capacity of about 170 million people and total GDP of USD 2 trillion, provides additional possibilities for investors and opens new horizons for effective realization of investment projects in Kazakhstan. Investors will be able to freely promote their products in the Russian and Belarusian markets. Kazakhstan’s competitive advantage is its more favorable business environment in comparison with the other countries in the Customs Union. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2012 Report, the Russian Federation and Belarus rank numbers 69 and 120 respectively, while Kazakhstan is 47th in terms of a favorable business environment.

What specific projects and opportunities will your delegation present during the Road Show?

During this Road Show, delegates will present their most important niche projects. For example, in the agricultural sector we have such important projects as construction and modernization of poultry farms, production or assembly of agricultural machinery, and development of greenhouses. In the machinery and heavy equipment sector, we are looking at helicopter production, production of electronic equipment, and creation of a center for assembly, repair, and maintenance of civil and military aviation technology. In the IT and telecommunications sphere, we are looking at e-learning, e-commerce, e-government, and many other worthwhile and potentially rewarding projects.

In chemistry, we have construction of an integrated petrochemical complex, organization of glyphosphate production, and nonselective systemic herbicide used for weed control in agriculture. Detailed information on all niche projects is available at our website,

Which US companies already work in Kazakhstan?

A. Most American companies in Kazakhstan now are working in the oil and gas sphere. However, as I already mentioned, the Kazakhstan government is shifting its priority to non-raw sectors and investors who are willing to work in our priority business sectors are receiving many incentives. For example, General Electric is successfully working on assembling locomotives in Kazakhstan’s Special Economic Zone, Astana New City. GE is already exporting its locomotives not only to the Customs Union Market, but also to countries closest to Kazakhstan. Representatives of General Electric Transportation in Washington, D.C are planning to share their success story of doing business in Kazakhstan, as well as their commercial, technical and operational advice, with their American colleagues during our Road Show in Washington on April 10, 2012.

Kazakhstan – An Attractive Investment Destination. Road Show Announcement

KAZNEX INVEST, Kazakhstan’s Export & Investment Agency Holding Investment Projects Road Show in U.S.

March 15th, 2012

NEW YORK, March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — KAZNEX INVEST, the National Export and Investment Agency of Kazakhstan, has signed a cooperation memorandum with Fluent in Foreign(TM) LLC (,to oversee a series of investor road show presentations in the United States. The presentations will take place in major U.S. cities, where Kazakhstani government officials and business leaders will present a wide range of current and planned investment projects and opportunities open to Foreign Direct Investment by American businesses and investors. Fluent in Foreign is part of an international financial advisory group that guides companies and organizations doing business and investing in overseas markets.

The organizer of the road show is Kazakhstan’s National Export and Investment Agency, KAZNEX INVEST, which provides free “one-stop-shop” services for investors worldwide.

Co-organizers of this event are the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the U.S., Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce, Princeton Council on World Affairs and the U.S.- Kazakhstan Business Association. The Minister of Industry and New Technologies, Hon. Asset Issekeshev will head the Kazakh delegation that will include several high-level officials and business leaders representing a wide range of Kazakh business sectors.

The first events are scheduled for Washington, D.C. on April 10, New York on April 11 and Chicago on April 12. To request an invitation to the events, contact Ruth Sigalus at: or visit for more information.

Although Kazakhstan is one of the biggest countries in the world, with vast deposits of natural resources, the government is shifting its priority from oil, gas and metals exploration and production to the development of non-extracting industries. In 2010, Kazakhstan President Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev introduced a five-year state program for accelerated industrial and innovative development, providing economic preferences to foreign investors and opening Kazakhstan to the international business sector to build stable, progressive and mutually beneficial economic collaborations.

This road show is the first event that is entirely devoted to the presentation of investment opportunities in priority sectors in Kazakhstan. It will focus on the six main sectors of the economy: agriculture, chemical and petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, IT and telecommunications.

“Kazakhstan has rapidly emerged as a nation that, through favorable legislation and market reforms, offers international trade and investment opportunities at all levels,” said Gordin. “There are tremendous growth prospects in a variety of business sectors.” Last year Gordin wrote Fluent in Foreign Business, which is a practical guidebook for U.S. companies looking to do business overseas, especially in emerging markets. Priority industries for Kazakhstan’s government include agriculture and food, alternative energy, aerospace, telecommunications, biotechnology, chemicals, construction, machinery, mechanical engineering, metals and light industry.

The Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, with about 170 million people and total GDP of USD 2 trillion provides additional possibilities for investors and new horizons for effective realization of investment projects in Kazakhstan. Investors will be able to freely promote their products in the Russian and Belarusian markets. Kazakhstan’s competitive advantage is its more favorable business environment in comparison with the other countries in the Customs Union. According to the World BankDoing Business 2012 report, the Russian Federation and Belarus rank 69 and 120 respectively, while Kazakhstan is 47th.

Kazakhstan had $1.8 billion direct investment in 2010. The major ratings agencies give Kazakhstan a stable to positive outlook, and the GDP growth rate for 2012 is projected at 5.6 percent.

Admission to the road show events will be complimentary and offered to qualified participants by invitation only. After the presentation there will be opportunities for one-on-one networking with Kazakhstan officials and corporate managers.

Fluent in Foreign LLC, based in New York, is a unique advisory and information service designed to help direct investors, franchisors and exporters prepare to enter or expand operations in foreign markets. The company publishes a number of proprietary analytical tools including the Fi180 Global Business Atlas and Fi3 Country Appeal Indices, which rank Kazakhstan’s appeal to investors at 70.6 out possible 100 points. Services include education, financing, political risk insurance, legal compliance and strategic business development for companies seeking to enter foreign markets.

Contact: David Reich,, 212-573-6000
Contact: Bambe Levine,, 212-490-6500

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