Investing in Ukraine’s energy-efficient construction

(June 24, 2022, Washington, DC, Kyiv).  The Rebuilding Ukraine Agency, with support of the National Investment Council of Ukraine, the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, proudly announces that the Agency has been engaged to spearhead construction development, arrangement of financing and political risk insurance for a state-of-the-art building insulation manufacturing and distribution facility, to be inaugurated in Ukraine in the next several months. 

The proposed $25 million facility is being developed by the Depsol Technologies Group of companies– an experienced, US-based supplier of chemical raw materials to the construction industry in Ukraine and the Baltic countries. The planned facility will be located in the Central Economic District of Ukraine in close proximity to the markets most affected by the wartime destruction. The new plant will produce highly energy efficient and fire-resistant polyurethane insulation material ranging from flexible insulation to rigid structural panels, which will be used for construction and insulation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Given the substantial destruction of Ukraine’s existing insulation capacity and anticipated needs during the upcoming rebuilding phase, the planned initial production and distribution capacity of the Depsol facility will be 3 million sq.m. of insulation per year. The Depsol facility will have its own solar energy generation plant and will be built to the most rigorous international energy efficiency standards. Over 500 jobs will be created during construction and operation of the plant and of the adjoining distribution center.

The financing for the project is expected to be a combination of equity and European-export-credit-agency-(ECA)-backed loans. Political risk insurance is expected from the US-based government agencies.


Depsol Technologies LLC. is a chemical company focused on distribution of construction insulation materials and production inputs, as well as plastics in and oil and gas chemicals in Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

Depsol’s senior management team has more than 20 years of experience in distribution and trading of plastics and industrial chemicals throughout FSU countries. Prior to establishing Depsol Technologies, Drs. Alfred and Irene Roth founded Dipol Chemical, a major distributor for Dow, Nova, DuPont, Solvay, Clariant in the region, which in 2008 has been successfully sold to the worldwide chemical distributor Brenntag.

Rebuilding Ukraine Agency ( – Rebuilding Ukraine Inc. is the US-based member-owned international rapid deployment agency, that was founded in March 2022 with the sole purpose of helping Ukraine rebuild after the Russian war.

The agency represents the US, UK, EU, Canadian and Ukrainian professionals, financing institutions and manufacturers under a unified umbrella, in order to deliver maximum impact for the rebuilding effort of Ukraine. The agency’s team of professionals has decades of experience working in Ukraine and an impressive list of successfully completed projects in Ukraine and around the world.

National Investment Council – Office of the National Investment Council is an advisory body to the President of Ukraine.  It addresses Ukraine’s needs in support for the design and implementation of policy reforms and institutional capacity building, as well as investments. The National Investment Council of Ukraine was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine N365/2016 and comprises the highest-ranking state officials. Chairman of the National Investment Council is President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Secretary of the National Investment Council is Halyna Yanchenko

Members of the National Investment Council are leading international companies that have already invested in Ukraine or are planning to invest, as well as international financial organizations.

Confederation of Builders of Ukraine – formed 11 years ago, the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine is the largest specialized association, which unites more than 700 participants in the country’s markets for real estate, construction and construction material supply.

US Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) – The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council was established in October 1995 to advance U.S. companies’ trade and investment interests in Ukraine’s significant emerging market, advocate for measures to improve conditions for bilateral trade and investment, and generally promote strong, friendly bilateral ties. 

For more information contact Tamara Zykova at

This Mothers’ Day My Thoughts are in Nezhin

Until a few days ago, I’ve only heard of Nezhin in a few casual conversations I have had with my colleagues. But that was in another life, before the horrific war unleashed on Ukraine by its “brotherly” neighbors.

Then, last week, this small town suddenly became the key focal point for me and my colleagues at the Rebuilding Ukraine Agency. One of the Agency’s Ukrainian members brought to our attention a situation, which demanded immediate attention. Nezhin’s small-town 30-bed hospital has become the closest destination for the neonatal ICU and complex birthing cases, as the regional hospital in the city of Chernihiv has been destroyed by the bombings. Although Nezhin’s birthing unit was poorly equipped to handle neo natal cases, nothing else was available in the area to replace Chernihiv’s neonatal birthing facilities. The Agency’s team had a Zoom call with the head Ob-Gyn at the site and the horror stories we heard brought tears to everyone who participated on the call.

The Agency’s Healthcare Committee moved into action and within 6 hours set up a team, which would be responsible to fund, acquire and shepherd needed equipment and supplies all the way to the Town of Nezhin and would work with the local doctors and hospital administration to expand the neo-natal and complex birthing unit until the Chernihiv hospital will be rebuilt. Because of the way the Agency is set up, such quick reaction and deployment makes it unique, and allows it to address certain key rebuilding issues ahead of the much needed and much more extensive government, foreign donor and NGO efforts.

Why am I writing this today? Motherhood, on any given day is a special and noble calling, which deseves utmost respect. Motherhood, during the times of war is that much more complex. Giving birth to a new life during war is extremely complex, and stressful. However, giving birth to a premie during war times and not having proper conditions to care for the newborn is unimaginable, unfair and heartbreaking. It is up to all of us not only help Rebuild Ukraine, but also make sure that every newborn in Ukraine has a chance to survive and grow up in a peaceful country, where they can carry on a legacy and culture of its people. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms and a special and heartfelt Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers of Ukraine!

Rebuilding Ukraine Agency tackles its first project in the town of Nezhin

(May 4, 2022, New York City) Rebuilding Ukraine has announced today that its Healthcare Committee, led by Drs. Daniel Fass and Arthur Zgurov, has agreed to assist a team of prominent Ukrainian pediatricians and neonatologists in helping to expand and equip a neonatal birthing unit and an obstetrics and gynecology department in the town of Nezhin.

As the result of the war taking place in Ukraine, the City of Chernihiv has suffered tremendous destruction from the bombing and rocket fire. Among the casualties, a central hospital, which was the primary birthing and neonatal facility in that city. After the Chernihiv hospital was destroyed, Nezhin, with its small local facility, has become the primary destination to admit and care for the neonatal and c-section birthing cases. Nezhin’s facility was ill-equipped to handle the patient influx and the Ukrainian team put out a call to the Rebuilding Ukraine team to help with the expansion and equipping of the Nezhin’s neonatal department.

The Rebuilding Ukraine’s medical team answered the call and has already started working on identifying and prioritizing the list of neonatal and surgical equipment needed. Sourcing of the needed items will take place in the US and Europe and deliveries will be made directly to Nezhin and will be assisted by the Agency’s Ukraine-based team.

About Rebuilding Ukraine Agency. Formed in March of 2022, Rebuilding Ukraine is the first non-government, international, multidisciplinary, rapid deployment Agency to assist the country of Ukraine, as it rebuilds itself after the war. The Agency is member-owned and is comprised of over fifty respected international and Ukrainian companies and professionals with deep experience in developing, financing, insuring and supplying projects in Ukraine and other developing markets where post-war recovery took place. The Agency’s professionals have expertise tackling complex projects in the sectors ranging from healthcare, agriculture, engineering (power, nuclear, renewable, water, wastewater), urban design, construction materials, equipment supply and construction management, real estate and hospitality, gas exctraction, supply and service, sanitation. Of note, is the Agency’s finance, insurance and legal team, which has a broad tool box of various international financing options, as well as deep expertise in risk management and access to a broad legal panel of several prominent US and Ukrainian law firms.

for additional inquiries contact Tamara Zykova at

Rebuilding Ukraine starts NOW!

It is very difficult to write about efforts to rebuild Ukraine, while the active war is going on there. As these words are being written, innocent men, women and children are dying and property is being destroyed by a vicious dictator and hiZ troops. Triage is what is most urgently needed right now – weapons, medicine, supplies, help for the 3+million refugees. Those are absolutely essential and many countries of the World have come together to provide such help. May be not everything that Ukraine needs and is calling for, but real help nevertheless.

IF, like me, all those who think that Ukraine will emerge victorious, badly scarred, but victorious and independent, then the most important help we can provide to Ukraine immediately after the war is economic. Rebuilt, stronger and striving Ukraine will be a better and more beautiful country and will be the best vindication to the aggressor. Economically healthy Ukraine will be the best assurance of its prosperous, safe and independent future.

Granted, real rebuilding cannot begin until lasting peace and stability in the country are achieved and any rebuilding plans made now will definitely need to be rethought and adjusted multiple times prior to commencement. There are, however a number of fundamental things, which can be done starting today and which will absolutely be applicable to to any rebuilding process and which will save significant time and resources, once the actual rebuilding commences

I am not talking about charity and aid – that’s the proverbial fish for a day, I am talking about a superb fishing rod factory, which would allow Ukraine to fish and bootstrap itself out of this hell and into prosperity.

No matter what the final territorial footprint looks like after the war ends, Ukraine will urgently need to restore its airports, ports, bridges, communications towers, improve nuclear powerplant security, revisit energy fuel supply and generation capacity, rebuild residential and commercial buildings, schools, kinder gardens, theaters, monuments. Of course, its unique agricultural infrastructure will need to be assured of ample supplies of fertilizer, farming equipment, storage capacity and access to both internal and external markets. Ukraine will need to restore its exports, rebuild its tourism and reignite foreign direct investment. Ukraine will need to modernize its healthcare and return to their homes both internally displaced persons and those who left abroad. As its is being rebuilt, Ukraine will need to position itself for the next 100 years and develop its vast reserves of rare earth metals for electric vehicle and computer component industries. Ukraine’s IT industry has an opportunity to become a global powerhouse. The country will also need to become energy independent and work to develop it vast oil/gas reserves. All these activities will need to take place, while de-mining, and clearing vast quantities of rubble and abandoned military equipment are ongoing.

One bitter lesson Ukrainian people learned during this war was that despite all the help, they are on their own when it comes to actually fighting for their own country’s survival. The same logic shall apply to maintaining the economic activity during the war and reinvigorating it forward, once the war ends. Ukraine should use Western technical assistance, supply of goods and services and funding to jumpstart its economy starting now and going forward. Yet, it should rely on its considerable internal resources to lead the economic recovery and not become beholden to anyone.

Despite seismic events of the last 30 days, Ukrainian authorities have thus far done a remarkable job keeping the country functioning on many fronts – banks are still open, people still go to work in regions where there is no fighting, comms and social networks are up, supply lines and logistics are in fair shape and farmers are planting the next harvest. Arms, medical supplies and humanitarian aid have been flowing and the Ukrainian fighters have done a remarkable job upsetting Putin’s plans.

Even with the most optimistic projections the Rebuilding Phase will take at least a decade. Thus the quicker the country begins the preparation, the quicker it will be able to get back on its feet. What can be done now?

Find out at a special Zoom Information session, which will be held Friday, April 8th at 10am EST. To request an invitation please send a one paragraph email to introducing yourself, your company and skills/products/services you think may be useful to the efforts of Rebuilding Ukraine.

Time to rebuild the Dream!

Rebuilding Ukraine’s National Symbol – An-225 Mriya

On February 24th of this year, during the barbaric attack on Ukraine’s Gostomel airport, Russian invaders unceremoniously destroyed the An-225 Mriya (the Dream). The only such plane in existence, An-225 was the largest freight plane in the world and the symbol of Ukraine. Not only this unique technological marvel was Ukraine’s global calling card, but for decades, this plane has flown countless humanitarian and commercial missions helping many companies and governments worldwide to deliver much needed oversized shipments, which otherwise could not have been moved. By destroying this plane, Russian troops committed an international act of terrorism.

The time has come for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes!

Mriya AN 225

As someone involved in Commercial Diplomacy for over 25 years, some of the weapons and tools with which I am familiar with are international project development and financing, foreign direct investment, export financing, political risk and trade credit insurance. I fully realize that there is an active war going on in Ukraine now and that most of the world is currently focused on extinguishing the genocide and destruction, as well as preventing nuclear conflict.

However, I believe that Ukraine WILL prevail and the moment it does, its economy will need to be rebuilt and rebuilt quickly. Prosperous Ukraine means stronger and more independent Ukraine. Since any serious projects and financings take many months or sometimes years to be developed and implemented, it is imperative to get a head start and begin teeing up significant projects now.

When the original Mriya was built, the Antonov company has partially built a second plane, but that project was abandoned due to lack of funding and the fuselage has been mothballed. I think that rebuilding the second An-225 will be a marquee pivotal project, which will help catapult Ukraine out of the post-war destruction and into greatness. Rather than the Dream, I think we should call the second plane Faith (Bipa in Ukrainian). The Faith will once again become the calling card of the new – progressive, battle hardened and victorious Ukraine.

Developing, financing and building a project like this will require multiple Ukrainian and international stakeholders: engineers, regulators, component suppliers, manufacturers, pilots, financiers, lawyers , shippers, off-takers and many, many others. The project will, at a later point, require significant financing. But all that will come a bit later. The goal today is to take a tiny first step and start identifying those parties who will be interested in getting involved with the Faith project on the ground floor. Anyone interested in getting involved in helping bring the Faith to Ukraine, please contact me directly.

(Source: Wikipedia) The Antonov An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, lit.”dream’ or ‘inspiration”; NATO reporting nameCossack) was a strategic airlift cargo aircraft that was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Ukrainian SSR within the Soviet Union during the 1980s. Originally, this unique aircraft was developed as an enlargement of the Antonov An-124 to transport Buran-class orbiters. After successfully fulfilling its Soviet military missions, it was mothballed for eight years. It was then refurbished and reintroduced into commercial operation with Antonov Airlines, carrying oversized payloads. While a second airframe with a slightly different configuration was partially built, construction was halted more than once due to a lack of funding and interest. This second aircraft was last brought up to 60–70% completion in 2009.

As an oversized aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Mriya held multiple records which included; heaviest aircraft ever built, and largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. Other records held by the An-225 were cargo related in terms of weight and length as the Antonov An-225 had the capability to carry up to 640 tonnes (705 short tons). The An-225 attracted a high degree of public interest, attaining a global following due to its size and its uniqueness. People frequently visited airports to see its scheduled arrivals and departures.

The An-225 was at Hostomel Airport when Russian forces launched an attack on the airport on 24 February 2022, as part of the invasion of Ukraine. The aircraft was destroyed in the attack.

WTF Mr. Putin?

Why Truth Faking, Mr. Putin? Why? By unleashing this nightmare of the “special military operation” aka a full scale military assault, aka an invasion of an innocent country, you have cemented your place in history as a barbaric leader, instead of a nation builder. The ironic thing is that you have done it to yourself and for completely wrong reasons, all while faking the truth and believing your own nonsense. You put your own country into a downward spiral, and inflicted severe economic pain on your own people and caused immeasurable suffering on the people of Ukraine. Your soldiers are killing innocent people, destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure and its economy. These are not actions of a great leader. You did manage to succeed where others did not. You managed to unite and strengthen the resolve of the Ukrainian people to fight for their country and you managed to rise up and unite NATO and the entire civilized world against you in protest.

This article is a view of a single person, but one whose family has been devastated by fascists. One who has had decades of experience living and dealing with Russia, Ukraine and the US. I always try to be fair and balanced in my situational assessments and always strive to understand all sides. And although you may have you reasons for being pissed off at the West, you are going about things completely the wrong way. Stop! Stop Now!!! It may be too late to put yourself on the right side of history, but every life you save going forward, will be a life, which will count towards your redemption.

A bit of background, so it is clear where I come from and why there is zero tolerance of Nazis (neo and otherwise) in my life. My entire family is Jewish and has roots in Ukraine. My Great Grandmother had 12 children, eight!!! of whom lost their lives during WWII fighting against the Nazis. One of my grandfathers perished during that War, also fighting fascists. My uncle lost his leg, while fighting the Nazis. My maternal Grandfather moved his wife and two young daughters to Moscow from Dnipro during Holodomor and served as a Policeman, when, while on duty a car struck him, and as a result he spent 14 year as a full quadriplegic invalid. My grandmother and my aunt stayed in Moscow and extinguished fougasse bombs on the roofs of the buildings. My Mom was born in Moscow and my dad, as a 13 year old, after having survived WWII in the Ukrainian Ghetto, went off to study across the Dniester River to Moldova and this is where I was born some years later.

I spent my childhood traveling between Moscow, Ukraine and Moldova, lived in Moscow about 1.5 years with my grandparents and went to school and summer camp there in the 6th grade. While in school and on our yard’s hockey rink, I had to learn first hand the tough ways of the Russian street and had to fight my way through the rookie indoctrinations in order to earn respect. My family and I spent almost every summer in Ukraine living among Ukrainians from Kosovo in the Carpathians to Odessa, Ochakiv and Mykolyiv oblast’. Besides experiencing cursory Soviet’-sponsored antisemitism, I never, ever had issues with Ukrainian people. When I was fourteen years old my family and I immigrated to the US and for the last 44 years that country has been my homeland.

In 1990 I took a distribution rights from a major US company, for which I worked in the US after college, and returned to Moscow to set up business operations and help provide badly needed telecom services to what was then still the Soviet Union. Next six years were spent building relationships across multiple regions of the Russian Federation, dealing with government officials, business people, bankers, gangsters, technicians. I have gotten to know and intimately understand many Russian people, a number of whom are still my friends.

In 1995 we expanded our company’s operations to Ukraine and in 1996 I sold the majority of the company and focused my efforts on bringing financing, risk mitigation and cross-border market entry services to businesses and state-owned companies. I started working in the International Trade and Development field and spent the next 26 years bringing US government and capital markets financing and complex insurance solutions to projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Among multiple other places, my work took me to seven regions of Russia and fifteen Ukrainian oblast’. Yes, once I have seen Petlura monument on Petlura Street in Rivno and yes I am sure, like in every other country, including Russia, there are groups of radical nationalists and neo fascists there. Yet, of the thousands of people I met in Ukraine, vast majority have been terrific, kind, smart and peace loving people. I have hundreds of friends in Ukraine and am grateful for these relationships. Your assertion that Ukraine is run by such people is simply wrong.

Having grown up on the streets of Kishinev, Moscow, Rome and Brooklyn, I am far from naïve. I have first hand witnessed gangsterism, corruption, racketeering, authoritarian rule and cynicism in every country I lived in, including my beloved United States. Through my work and personal contacts, I have met senior members of your first Administration, three Ukrainian Presidents, two Ukrainian Prime Ministers, member of the current Presidential Administration, plus a number of senior US officials and several Ambassadors from multiple countries. Thus through my access and many years of study, my understanding of the RU-UA geopolitics has been developed with the benefit of the multidecade firsthand exposure.

When you say “neo-Nazis in Ukraine are robbing the country”, you must mean corrupt government officials. True corruption in Ukraine has been massive and a huge deterrent to the country’s growth. But you would be well served to look inward at the insane levels of corruption in Russia – where the word “Otkat” rules the economy. You know what they say, about people in glass houses throwing stones.

However, whether it is corruption, or any other internal issues facing Ukrainians, it is their own business. Over the years, despite external interference from multiple directions, Ukrainian people have successfully addressed many complex issues, and will address many more if the country is allowed to develop without predators like you preying on it.

Let’s be frank, you don’t much care about neo-Nazis and Banderovites and you are just using this issue as a pretext to alter the geopolitical landscape in your fight with the West. I understand, that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the West was not very kind to Russia, as it asserted its dominance and opened the way to freedom for multiple countries, which were part of the Warsaw Pact and the the FSU. I understand that you have felt demeaned for your country and I also understand, that despite several overtures by the West, no-one in the G20 really wanted to play with you, which made you feel left-out and fomented internal aggression. “I will show them” you must have thought, “nobody disrespects Russia”. Well…… you certainly have “shown them”……

I am not a big fan of China, but in 27 years since I first visited that country, which at the time was a primitive backwater, China has rocketed to become a global manufacturing powerhouse and the number two economy in the world. Now, that’s one way of “showing them”.

You’ve had 22 years and some of the biggest trove of human and natural resources in the world and what????? Russia’s economy is not even in the global top 10. Yes, you have rebuilt the military and saved a bunch of money in the reserves, all while taking advantage of the global demand and high prices for oil, gas and commodities. First round of sanctions in 2014, helped Russia a bit to develop the domestic production to substitute the restricted imports, graft helped some more (we all know of the Belorussian Salmon).

By attacking Ukraine, you picked on a country much smaller than yours, but you were the one who came across to the entire world as small and petty. As you must have learned on the streets, during your childhood, picking on those smaller than you is an act of cowardice and resolving disputes with fists, instead of brains and negotiating ability is the purview of the weak.

Stop this madness, stop faking the truth, withdraw your troops, get back to the negotiating table and face the truth. Ukraine is not yours and it will never be!

OdesaGas mandates Broad Street Capital Group to arrange $30 mil USDFC financing for the Greenhouse Gas reduction project.

(New York City, November 22, 2021) Broad Street Capital Group announced today that it has been exclusively mandated by the OdesaGas Postachannya (OdesaGas) of Ukraine to arrange $30 million in long-term debt financing from the US DFC (DFC) – a Development Finance Agency of the US Government. Financing is earmarked for a marquee GreenHouse Gas (GHG) reduction project, where OdesaGas will be replacing old inefficient gas boilers and ancillary equipment at over 30,000 residential households in the city of Odesa and the surrounding region. As part of the project, OdesaGas will also provide innovative gas contracts to consumers to help them manage and soften the impact from the wild swings of the gas market prices.

Broad Street Capital Group will work with the OdesaGas team to help select technical advisers, US engineering company, develop a business plan and assemble a complete documentation package needed for consideration by the DFC for financing.

“We have selected the Broad Street Capital Group as our Adviser, due to its unparalleled expertise, its twenty year experience working with DFC and other Trade and Development agencies of the US Government, as well as its twenty five years of experience working in the Ukrainian markets.” said Oleksandr Bemm, Director of OdesaGas. “We look forward to working with the Broad Street Capital team and US DFC on this cutting-edge ESG project, which will result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This project will not only have significant developmental effects, but will also help consumers in our market to significantly reduce the amounts they currently spend on heating and increase their quality of life. OdesaGas looks forward to submitting the completed application for financing in the next 30 days and plans to begin implementing the Greenhouse Gas reduction project in the Summer of 2022″said Bemm .

About OdesaGasOdesaGas Postachannya (OdesaGas) has been a reliable supplier of gas services to individual consumers since 2001. The company employs over 200 people who make sure that the critically vital heat and hot water services are provided to the residents on the timely basis.

About Broad Street Capital GroupBased in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group is a boutique international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as numerous SMEs. The Group focuses on developing project financing solutions, which involve US Government’s trade and development agencies, providing a full suite of political risk and business risk mitigation products, as well as export management services and comprehensive US market entry advisory.

for additional inquiries please email

Broad Street Capital Group teams up with legal and accounting professionals to provide US market entry support to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.

(October 27, 2021, New York City, NY) Broad Street Capital Group announced today that, along with attorneys Mr. Alex Lipman, Principal at Lipman Law PLLC, Mr. David Hayes, Partner at Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC and Mr. Michael Gaines, CPA, Principal at  Gaines Goldenfarb Associates, it provided full acquisition advisory and support services to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.  

Orbis Group entered the US construction equipment distribution market by forming Orbis USA Incorporated (“The Company”) and completing two acquisitions of existing branded construction equipment dealerships in Pooler, GA and in Leeds, AL.  The company intends to continue its US expansion by acquiring and developing additional full-service construction equipment dealerships throughout the Southeastern United States.

Broad Street Capital Group provided US market entry, acquisition advisory, transaction negotiations, due diligence coordination, along with risk management, financing, and banking placement services.  Mssrs. Alex Lipman and David Hayes spearheaded delivery of a comprehensive range of legal services, which included: corporate formation, KYC diligence, governance structure, drafting and negotiations of purchase, employment and non-compete agreements, litigation analysis, financing contract review and lease negotiations.  The Gaines Goldenfarb team provided financial statement analysis and due diligence support.


About Orbis Kazakhstan Group – one of the leading conglomerates in Central Asia, Orbis Group is structured along three key verticals –

  • Automotive and construction equipment dealerships, where the company represents multiple world-renowned brands including Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Cadillac, Audi, VW, Hino and JCB.
  • Oilfield services – where the Group’s companies provide support to leading international oil and gas extraction companies operating in Kazakhstan.
  •  Agriculture – where the company farms thousands of acres, raises dairy and meat cattle, and is scaling up its greenhouses and vegetable processing facilities.

About Broad Street Capital Group – Based in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group is a boutique international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as numerous SMEs. The Group focuses on developing project financing solutions, which involve US Government’s trade and development agencies, providing a full suite political risk and business risk mitigation products, as well as export management services and comprehensive US market entry advisory.

About Alex Lipman, Esq.  – is a Founding Principal of Lipman Law PLLC, which is a boutique international law practice headquartered in New York City. Mr. Lipman has nearly 30 years of experience both in private practice and government with a focus on corporate governance, SEC enforcement, and securities litigation, 

About David V. Hayes, Esq. – a Partner at the Atlanta GA based Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC has developed a successful corporate practice, which supports mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings. Mr. Hayes’ particular focus is assisting foreign companies seeking to enter US markets

About Michael D Gaines, CPA – Mr. Gaines is a Founding Partner of the Gaines, Goldenfarb and Associates (GGA), a New Jersey based accounting firm focused on serving small and medium size businesses in several industry segments. GGA provides tax advisory and preparation, financial statements analysis and preparation, due diligence support and Virtual CFO services.

For media inquiries please contact Tamara Zykova @ tz@amgordin18

C19 Immunized!

The hottest fashion accessory of the year! In this Covid19-affected world, C19 Immunizedtm team has developed an entire program to help businesses rebuild confidence with their clients, suppliers and staff. By placing unique window and door decals and providing exclusive pins to the vaccinated public-facing employees, businesses can instill confidence into their existing and prospective customers and rebuild their operations ravaged by the pandemic

These pins are only available to those with proof of vaccination, thus they signal to others that the individual wearing the pin is C19 Immunizedtm . As charter supporters of the program, we are pleased to pass along a discount code BSCG15 , which would allow our readers to receive 15% off their program kit order.

Key Person GONE! Is your business protected?

“Risk is caused by people” Robert Lehman


Risk identification and management have always been vital elements of our Firm’s business. Whether entering new markets, advising clients on financings, or mergers/acquisitions, buying a business, or seeking to protect one’s family, partners, or employees, risk management strategies were ever-present and various insurance tools have been utilized to mitigate those risks. In the next few posts, we will look at various risk mitigation tools businesses can utilize in their domestic and international operations.

With the global spread of the Covid pandemic claiming lives of millions of people, the risks have increased significantly and forced us to take a much deeper look at the potential problems and ways to mitigate them. In this article, I want to focus on a very important, but frequently overlooked risk of losing a key person and explore how a business based in the US, or one entering the US market, can protect itself.

Every business, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation has folks vital to the ongoing success of that enterprise. Loss of these key people to death, or disability, whether it is CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, Chief Scientist, will have a crippling and costly effect.

So how do key business stakeholders protect themselves? Couple of obvious, but highly underused tools are Key Person Insurance and insurance funded buy-sell agreements.

Key person life and disability policies are meant to compensate the business for losses incurred by a loss of its vital personnel, or shareholders. Such policy premiums are paid by the business and the business will receive any insurance payouts to help cushion the impact of losses. Normally, key person life insurance is structured as a fixed premium 10 or 20 year term policy and the benefit amount of the policy is calculated to compensate for the value of the expected loss. For instance, if a company has a key Sales Manager, who produces $2 million per year in revenue and it is expected that it would take 6 months to a year to replace such a person, a $1 to 2 million term life should be taken out. The investment in such a term policy is negligible compared to the benefits business will receive should a catastrophic loss occur.

Another very interesting situation occurs in closely held corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. If an owner, partner, or a significant shareholder succumbs, or becomes disabled, their ownership interests oftentimes pass to the family members, who oftentimes are unwilling, or unqualified to continue running the business, or perform shareholders duties. In such cases, buy-sell agreements should be funded by term insurance policies large enough to cover the fair market value of the ownership interests. In case of a loss of a sole proprietor, the owners family should carry the life insurance/disability insurance to compensate it for the loss of the bread winner. Alternatively, business managers may use a business Key Person policy to buyout the owner’s family and take over the business.

Thus in today’s business climate, any entity not managing its key person risks is remiss and is putting its own survival at risk. To learn more about key person risk mitigation, or to discuss other types of risk management, please email

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