OdesaGas mandates Broad Street Capital Group to arrange $30 mil USDFC financing for the Greenhouse Gas reduction project.

(New York City, November 22, 2021) Broad Street Capital Group announced today that it has been exclusively mandated by the OdesaGas Postachannya (OdesaGas) of Ukraine to arrange $30 million in long-term debt financing from the US DFC (DFC) – a Development Finance Agency of the US Government. Financing is earmarked for a marquee GreenHouse Gas (GHG) reduction project, where OdesaGas will be replacing old inefficient gas boilers and ancillary equipment at over 30,000 residential households in the city of Odesa and the surrounding region. As part of the project, OdesaGas will also provide innovative gas contracts to consumers to help them manage and soften the impact from the wild swings of the gas market prices.

Broad Street Capital Group will work with the OdesaGas team to help select technical advisers, US engineering company, develop a business plan and assemble a complete documentation package needed for consideration by the DFC for financing.

“We have selected the Broad Street Capital Group as our Adviser, due to its unparalleled expertise, its twenty year experience working with DFC and other Trade and Development agencies of the US Government, as well as its twenty five years of experience working in the Ukrainian markets.” said Oleksandr Bemm, Director of OdesaGas. “We look forward to working with the Broad Street Capital team and US DFC on this cutting-edge ESG project, which will result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This project will not only have significant developmental effects, but will also help consumers in our market to significantly reduce the amounts they currently spend on heating and increase their quality of life. OdesaGas looks forward to submitting the completed application for financing in the next 30 days and plans to begin implementing the Greenhouse Gas reduction project in the Summer of 2022″said Bemm .

About OdesaGasOdesaGas Postachannya (OdesaGas) has been a reliable supplier of gas services to individual consumers since 2001. The company employs over 200 people who make sure that the critically vital heat and hot water services are provided to the residents on the timely basis.

About Broad Street Capital GroupBased in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group is a boutique international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as numerous SMEs. The Group focuses on developing project financing solutions, which involve US Government’s trade and development agencies, providing a full suite of political risk and business risk mitigation products, as well as export management services and comprehensive US market entry advisory.

for additional inquiries please email tz@broadstreetcap.com

Broad Street Capital Group teams up with legal and accounting professionals to provide US market entry support to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.

(October 27, 2021, New York City, NY) Broad Street Capital Group announced today that, along with attorneys Mr. Alex Lipman, Principal at Lipman Law PLLC, Mr. David Hayes, Partner at Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC and Mr. Michael Gaines, CPA, Principal at  Gaines Goldenfarb Associates, it provided full acquisition advisory and support services to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.  

Orbis Group entered the US construction equipment distribution market by forming Orbis USA Incorporated (“The Company”) and completing two acquisitions of existing branded construction equipment dealerships in Pooler, GA and in Leeds, AL.  The company intends to continue its US expansion by acquiring and developing additional full-service construction equipment dealerships throughout the Southeastern United States.

Broad Street Capital Group provided US market entry, acquisition advisory, transaction negotiations, due diligence coordination, along with risk management, financing, and banking placement services.  Mssrs. Alex Lipman and David Hayes spearheaded delivery of a comprehensive range of legal services, which included: corporate formation, KYC diligence, governance structure, drafting and negotiations of purchase, employment and non-compete agreements, litigation analysis, financing contract review and lease negotiations.  The Gaines Goldenfarb team provided financial statement analysis and due diligence support.


About Orbis Kazakhstan Group – one of the leading conglomerates in Central Asia, Orbis Group is structured along three key verticals –

  • Automotive and construction equipment dealerships, where the company represents multiple world-renowned brands including Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Cadillac, Audi, VW, Hino and JCB.
  • Oilfield services – where the Group’s companies provide support to leading international oil and gas extraction companies operating in Kazakhstan.
  •  Agriculture – where the company farms thousands of acres, raises dairy and meat cattle, and is scaling up its greenhouses and vegetable processing facilities.

About Broad Street Capital Group – Based in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group is a boutique international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as numerous SMEs. The Group focuses on developing project financing solutions, which involve US Government’s trade and development agencies, providing a full suite political risk and business risk mitigation products, as well as export management services and comprehensive US market entry advisory.

About Alex Lipman, Esq.  – is a Founding Principal of Lipman Law PLLC, which is a boutique international law practice headquartered in New York City. Mr. Lipman has nearly 30 years of experience both in private practice and government with a focus on corporate governance, SEC enforcement, and securities litigation, 

About David V. Hayes, Esq. – a Partner at the Atlanta GA based Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC has developed a successful corporate practice, which supports mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings. Mr. Hayes’ particular focus is assisting foreign companies seeking to enter US markets

About Michael D Gaines, CPA – Mr. Gaines is a Founding Partner of the Gaines, Goldenfarb and Associates (GGA), a New Jersey based accounting firm focused on serving small and medium size businesses in several industry segments. GGA provides tax advisory and preparation, financial statements analysis and preparation, due diligence support and Virtual CFO services.

For media inquiries please contact Tamara Zykova @ tz@amgordin18

C19 Immunized!

The hottest fashion accessory of the year! In this Covid19-affected world, C19 Immunizedtm team has developed an entire program to help businesses rebuild confidence with their clients, suppliers and staff. By placing unique window and door decals and providing exclusive pins to the vaccinated public-facing employees, businesses can instill confidence into their existing and prospective customers and rebuild their operations ravaged by the pandemic

These pins are only available to those with proof of vaccination, thus they signal to others that the individual wearing the pin is C19 Immunizedtm . As charter supporters of the program, we are pleased to pass along a discount code BSCG15 , which would allow our readers to receive 15% off their program kit order.

Key Person GONE! Is your business protected?

“Risk is caused by people” Robert Lehman


Risk identification and management have always been vital elements of our Firm’s business. Whether entering new markets, advising clients on financings, or mergers/acquisitions, buying a business, or seeking to protect one’s family, partners, or employees, risk management strategies were ever-present and various insurance tools have been utilized to mitigate those risks. In the next few posts, we will look at various risk mitigation tools businesses can utilize in their domestic and international operations.

With the global spread of the Covid pandemic claiming lives of millions of people, the risks have increased significantly and forced us to take a much deeper look at the potential problems and ways to mitigate them. In this article, I want to focus on a very important, but frequently overlooked risk of losing a key person and explore how a business based in the US, or one entering the US market, can protect itself.

Every business, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation has folks vital to the ongoing success of that enterprise. Loss of these key people to death, or disability, whether it is CEO, CFO, Head of Sales, Chief Scientist, will have a crippling and costly effect.

So how do key business stakeholders protect themselves? Couple of obvious, but highly underused tools are Key Person Insurance and insurance funded buy-sell agreements.

Key person life and disability policies are meant to compensate the business for losses incurred by a loss of its vital personnel, or shareholders. Such policy premiums are paid by the business and the business will receive any insurance payouts to help cushion the impact of losses. Normally, key person life insurance is structured as a fixed premium 10 or 20 year term policy and the benefit amount of the policy is calculated to compensate for the value of the expected loss. For instance, if a company has a key Sales Manager, who produces $2 million per year in revenue and it is expected that it would take 6 months to a year to replace such a person, a $1 to 2 million term life should be taken out. The investment in such a term policy is negligible compared to the benefits business will receive should a catastrophic loss occur.

Another very interesting situation occurs in closely held corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. If an owner, partner, or a significant shareholder succumbs, or becomes disabled, their ownership interests oftentimes pass to the family members, who oftentimes are unwilling, or unqualified to continue running the business, or perform shareholders duties. In such cases, buy-sell agreements should be funded by term insurance policies large enough to cover the fair market value of the ownership interests. In case of a loss of a sole proprietor, the owners family should carry the life insurance/disability insurance to compensate it for the loss of the bread winner. Alternatively, business managers may use a business Key Person policy to buyout the owner’s family and take over the business.

Thus in today’s business climate, any entity not managing its key person risks is remiss and is putting its own survival at risk. To learn more about key person risk mitigation, or to discuss other types of risk management, please email info@broadstreetcap.com

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous pandemic-free 2021

Dealmakers’ Anthem (affected by Covid-19)

Before the sunrise hits the roofs,
Before the birds begin to sing,
As drops of dew roll off the grass,
We hear the bells of global deals ring

Their energy provides the fuel
to drive the shipments cross the globe,
The email bits are cold and cruel,
They’re deals’ blood and players’ hope

The deals take us to strange places,
Exotic towns, abandoned mines,
Through deals we learn people’s faces,
And find the truth between the lines

The deals are like drugs and vices,
They make us high, and crashing lows they bring,
We chase them hard; we sometimes take bad chances,
and yet like junkies, we pursue them and ignore their sting

As Covid global business shuttered,
and havoc wrecked across the world,
It forced us to rethink the future of handshakes,
business flights and ways our goods are sold

And as we wait, and hope for cure to this once-in-a-life pandemic,
two things of which we can be sure better than any Academic:

The global business will continue, and deals will certainly rebound,
Thus offense in this time of chaos, is strategy, which is most sound
And though video for meetings has served a major role and found its place,
There is no way for it to ever, in-person interaction fully to replace

A.M. Gordin

Sweet taste of Uzbekistan reaches North America, as Crafers™ enters the US confectionery market with a unique twist.

(New York City, September 2nd, 2020). As part of its international expansion, Crafers™ – a leading confectionery manufacturer in Central Asia, has entered US candy and snack markets, focused on providing a broad array of its delicious products through multiple market segments. At the core of its mission  is a unique business model, which supports K-12 education and strengthens inter-generational family development.

Having adjusted its market entry strategy to address the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and after completing deep analysis of the target market, Crafers’ management moved forward to complete FDA registration formalities, and selected A-Com Logistics  of NY as its logistics provider and appointed Eats and Treats International, as its exclusive North American Importer. The Company with the help of its advisers also developed a unique relationship with the World Affairs Councils of America to support its Academic WorldQuest Program 

The company intends to pursue distribution across all 50 States. It will initially focus on alternative retail and ethnic markets, and in the first quarter of 2021 will unveil its proprietary online/offline education program designed to deepen and strengthen relationships between grandparents and their grand-kids, as well as to improve educational skills outside of the formal learning environment.

To assist Crafers in its US market roll-out and subsequent growth, the company has sought assistance from experienced US and Uzbek- based professionals. Broad Street Capital Group has been selected to develop and implement Crafers’ market entry strategy and to assist the company in building out its US organization and distribution infrastructure. Lipman Law PLLC of New York and Kosta Legal of Tashkent, Uzbekistan have been chosen to provide strategic legal advice and legal services to support the Company’s market entry efforts.

Crafers’ full line of chocolates, wafers, marmalades, candies, marshmallows and chips is expected to enter US distribution channels in the second half of September, 2020


About Crafers – Founded in 2018, Crafers produces over 150 different SKUs, employs 800 workers and has an annual production capacity of 47,500 tonnes.  Its modern 350,000 sq. ft facilities are certified to international standards such as ISO 9001 and 22000. The company has exported its products to 15 countries
About World Affairs Councils of America (WACA)– Since its founding in  1986, WACA supports more than 90  Worlds Affairs Councils across the USA with international programming and educational programs on issues, which include international trade, the economy and global health.
About Broad Street Capital Group – Based in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group is an international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as SMEs in emerging markets. Through its member companies, the Group focuses on developing project financing, providing trade credit and political risk mitigation, export management services and cross-border market development advisory.
About Lipman Law-Lipman Law PLLC is a boutique international law practice in headquartered in New York City, whose principal partner has nearly 30 years of experience both in private practice and government with a focus on corporate governance, SEC enforcement, and securities litigation, 
About Kosta Legal – is a leading full service law firm based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Kosta Legal maintains a very international business strong international business and corporate practices. The Firm has been ranked as a Tier-1 firm by influential independent ranking directory The Legal 500.
About A-Com Global Logistics – a premier logistics and freight forwarding services provider involved in bilateral US-Uzbekistan trade. Company enjoys reputation for developing customized multi-modal shipping solutions for its clients in the food and confectionery business segments,
Media Contact – Deneeze Agency, Ann Denysenko +1 646 272 8898  ann@deneeze.com



  • Report from International Financial & Investment Experts
  • Analysis, Commentary & Recommended Actions for Moving Ukraine’s Economy Forward
  • Emerging markets, project finance, bonds, private equity, loans, interest rates, export finance, investments, securities, risk analysisU.S.-UKRAINE BUSINESS COUNCIL (USUBC) ONLINE WEBINAR WITH

Alexander Gordin, Broad Street Capital Group, New York;

James Brooke, BCP Securities Ukraine, Kyiv;

Pavel Lvov, Xtellus Capital Partners, New York; 

Blaise Antin, TCW Group, Los Angeles;

Eric Lindenbaum, Fidelity Investments, Boston

Thursday, May 21, 4:30 pm Kyiv Time, 9:30 am EST (via Zoom)

 WASHINGTON, D.C.  – YOU ARE INVITED to a U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org, online webinar “Moving Ukraine’s Economy Forward” Report from International Financial & Investment Experts – analysis, commentary and recommended actions – for Moving Ukraine’s Economy Forward, Emerging markets, project finance, bonds, private equity, loans, interest rates, export finance, government securities, being held on Thursday, May 21, 4:30 pm Kyiv Time, (9:30 am, EST).

The International Financial and Investment Panel of experts will feature:

           1) Alexander Gordin, Co-founder and Managing Director, Broad Street Capital Group, New York
2) James Brooke, Managing Director, BCP Securities Ukraine; Editor-in-Chief, Ukraine Business News, Kyi

          3) Pavel Lvov, Founding Principal, Head of Fixed Income, Xtellus Capital Partners, LLC, New York

           4) Blaise Antin, Managing Director, Emerging Markets Group, TCW Group, Los Angeles

           5) Eric Lindenbaum, Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Fidelity Investments, Boston

You will not want to miss this opportunity and participate in the live online meeting with our distinguished panel of international and financial experts.

This meeting will be held online via Zoom online conference service. Morgan Williams, President & CEO, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), will moderate the webinar.

RSVP – Attendance is for members of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council and their employees and others by invitation only. Your attendance must be registered.  To register your attendance for the USUBC online meeting please email mwilliams@USUBC.org

The link to join the online meeting will be sent to you in the confirmation e-mail after you register. If you are not able to use Zoom via download, additional options will be provided in the confirmation e-mail. The additional options are also listed below.

NOTE: Please submit your questions to USUBC President Morgan Williams to mwilliams@USUBC.org, at least one hour prior to the event


(1) Alexander M. Gordin, Managing Director, Broad Street Capital Group, New York

Alexander Gordin is an international merchant banking professional with over 20 years of C-level experience providing cross-border strategic advisory services in the areas of export finance, international project finance, risk mitigation and business development. Clients include foreign governments, Fortune 500 corporations, municipalities and state enterprises.

He has strong entrepreneurial instincts, combined with leadership and strategic skills as well as transactional and negotiations experience in over 30 countries. He is the author of the critically acclaimed “Fluent in Foreign Business” book, creator of the “Fluent in OPIC”, “Fluent in EXIM” and “Fluent in USTDA” seminar series and is currently developing “Fluent In Foreign Franchising” “Fluent in FCPA”, “Fluent in Exports” and additional “Fluent in Foreign” seminars and publications.

Mr. Gordin has extensive business development and project finance transaction experience in healthcare, hospitality, fixed and mobile communications and conventional, as well as alternative energy infrastructure, distribution and transportation industries. He has experience in managing international public and private corporations, experience in emerging and frontier markets and he has a proven track record managing cross-border crises.

He has been published and featured in numerous publications including: The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Industry Week, The NY Enterprise Report, Industry Today, Business Finance, Wharton Magazine blog, Success magazine, Kyiv Post and on a number of radio and television programs including: Voice of America, CNBC, CNNfn, Bloomberg and NY1. He is the contributing Editor at the NY Enterprise Report and is a frequent speaker on strategy, cross-border finance and international business development. Mr. Gordin holds an Executive MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

(2) James Brooke, Managing Director, BCP Securities Ukraine, Editor-In-Chief, Ukraine Business News, Kyiv

Jim joined BCP Securities in 2019, after BCP – investment banking services company, Headquartered in Greenwich, CT – opened an office in Ukraine.  James Brooke, an American journalist, is also publishing the Ukraine Business Journal, an English-language subscription news site based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Brooke is a veteran international reporter. Mr.Brooke has worked for Bloomberg News; Voice of America; The Kyiv Post and the New York Times. As a New York Times correspondent for 24 years, he covered Russia, Japan, and the Koreas and served as The Times’s bureau chief in Brazil, West Africa, and Canada. Mr.Brooke has 13 years of reporting experience in Ukraine, first as Bloomberg bureau chief in Moscow, then as Voice of America bureau chief for the former Soviet Union. Mr. Brooke is a graduate of Yale University.

 (3) Pavel Lvov, Founding Principal, Head of Fixed Income, Xtellus Capital Partners, New York

Mr. Lvov is the Head of Fixed Income and a Founding Principal of Xtellus Capital Partners. In his recent role at VTB Capital Inc., he successfully created and ran a Fixed Income Sales desk covering CEEMEA instruments like cash bonds, rates, loans, FX and derivatives. Between 2011-2018, Mr. Lvov’s team helped place over 110 primary deals and traded over US$ 70 billion in the secondary markets.

Prior to joining VTB Capital, Mr. Lvov was a Partner at Troika Dialog. Earlier appointments included origination for GML International Limited and commodity trading for AIOC. Mr. Lvov holds a degree in Economics from the Finance University, Moscow.

(4) Blaise Antin, Managing Director, Emerging Markets Group, TCW Group – Los Angeles

Mr. Antin is Managing Director, Emerging Markets Group, TCW’s Group and works closely with all of the emerging markets and international investment strategies at TCW. Before joining TCW in 2000, he spent the prior seven years with the G7 Group, Inc., an international political economy consultancy in Washington, DC.

As Managing Director of G7, Mr. Antin directed the firm’s European and Latin American analysis and advised institutional investors and global macro hedge funds on economic and political risk. Mr. Antin also served as a speechwriter for Robert E. Rubin, then the co-Chairman of Goldman Sachs and subsequently Treasury Secretary of the United States. He also worked as a congressional aide to a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr. Antin holds an MA in Government from The Johns Hopkins University and graduated cum laude from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a BA in Political Science.

(5) Eric Lindenbaum, Portfolio Manager, Research AnalystFidelity Investments, Boston

Eric Lindenbaum is a portfolio manager and research analyst in the High Income division at Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Investments is a leading provider of investment management, retirement planning, portfolio guidance, brokerage, benefits outsourcing, and other financial products and services to institutions, financial intermediaries, and individuals.

In this role, Mr. Lindenbaum is responsible for sovereign debt research covering Russia, Ukraine, and various other countries. Additionally, he is responsible for co-managing multiple institutional strategies, including FIAM Emerging Markets Debt LLC and FIAM Emerging Markets Debt Pool.

Prior to joining Fidelity in September 2013, Mr. Lindenbaum worked as a portfolio manager at Invesco, and as director of Emerging Market Debt research at Merrill Lynch. He has been in the financial industry since 1995.Mr. Lindenbaum earned his bachelor of arts degree in international studies from Johns Hopkins University, his master of business administration degree in finance from Columbia Business School, and his master of international affairs degree in international economics from Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!


Broad Street Capital Group selects Lipman Law to provide due diligence support and General Counsel services.


(December 2, 2019, New York City, NY) In an effort to streamline its legal operations and to manage international due diligence and compliance processes for the $1.2 billion of financing transactions in its pipeline, Broad Street Capital Group announced today that it has retained Alex Lipman of Lipman law PLLC, to provide general counsel services. Alex Lipman has also joined Broad Street as an Advisory Board Member.

Most recently a partner at a major international law firm, Mr. Lipman has almost 30 years of experience both in private practice and government with focus on SEC enforcement matters, anti-corruption investigations, securities litigation, other regulatory and government matters, as well as corporate governance.

Alex’s government experience includes serving as a Special Assistant United States Attorney on the Securities and Commodities Fraud Task Force at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. In that position he prosecuted and tried cases involving accounting fraud, mail and wire fraud, and insider trading. Alex also served as a Branch Chief in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, where he conducted numerous high-profile investigations into securities law violations, including cases stemming from the collapse of Enron.

In private practice,  Alex has successfully represented numerous individuals and entities in high-profile white collar securities cases, including cross-border investigations and international prosecutions.

Mr. Lipman also has been a key driving force in developing a proprietary Grey2White® Due Diligence Program designed to identify and solve complex legacy due diligence issues, as well as to optimize multiparty compliance inquiries, which arise during international financing transactions.

“We are very excited to have Mr. Lipman and his Firm advise our team. As the Broad Street Capital Group is poised to enter its next phase of growth, having a seasoned, internationally renowned legal expert in our corner, will help the firm’s clients not only to successfully navigate through complexities of international financing and M&A transactions, but will also allow them to unlock the value of their companies by putting in place best practices in the areas of financial reporting, anti corruption and corporate governance.” said Alexander Gordin, Managing Director of the Broad Street Capital Group.

“I look forward to working with Mr. Gordin and the Broad Street team on ways to improve and streamline the way due diligence and compliance are managed during international financing and merger transactions involving companies in emerging markets. Rather than engaging in a reactive, expensive and cumbersome process, the Grey2White® program aims to provide deeper due diligence investigations than conventional KYC screenings in advance of potential transaction. This would provide greater transparency from the start, reduce costs and benefit all parties involved in the transaction.” said Alex Lipman

About the Broad Street Capital Group.

Based in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, Broad Street Capital Group (www.broadstreetcap.com) is an international private merchant bank, which since 1988 has served several foreign governments, multiple state-owned companies, as well as SMEs in emerging markets. Through its member companies, the Group focuses on developing project financing in the $100 million to $1 billion range, providing political risk mitigation, export management services and cross-border market development advisory. The Firm has done business in over 35 countries, spanning the emerging markets landscape from Bangladesh to Ukraine.

Currently, the Firm maintains presences in30broad eight countries and works closely with all trade and development agencies of the U.S. Government, as well as with Credit Agencies of several European and North American countries. Since its inception, Broad Street Capital Group has been involved in multiple high-profile cross-border transactions in agriculture IT/telecom, aerospace, healthcare, oil and gas,energy generation, food security, nuclear safety, hospitality and franchising sectors. The firm’s current advisory and financing portfolio is expected to exceed $1.25 billion by January 1st, 2020.


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